Deeply Delicious Diva: make-up, nail and perfume overhaul

One of the easiest ways to transition your look from winter to spring is with make-up. Foundations can be lighter, colours more “springy” and scents more seasonally appropriate. It is a GREAT opportunity to declutter your make-up bag (or bags), nail polish and perfume collections. The rule of thumb is simple: get rid of what you do not use or what has expired.

I love the idea of layering and highlighting and creative use of beauty products. But I have no skill in this department. It took me a long time to accept that my manageable daily make-up routine consisted of only 5 products: foundation, concealer, blush, mascara and depending on context, a bit of lippie. At a push some skin primer. Now, my 5 products stay in one make-up bag: day bag. Fancy stuff for fancy occasions, like my deeply delicious Diva coloured lipstick, stay in a separate bag: fancy bag. Simple, easy to find, quick.


What I realised with this more manageable minimalist approach, is that my deeply delicious Diva lipstick is going to go “off” before I have a chance to enjoy it to the max.  Because make-up goes off. Even if you only have a little of it. And no-one wants an eye or skin infection to keep them from the line-up of year-end functions coming up.

Bottom line: declutter. I did some research on when different sorts of make-up should be replaced and was quite surprised at the frequency.

Discard if:

  • It begins to smell strange (think perfume here too – 3-5 years is the average time, but depends on ingredients, storage bottle, temperature, etc. http://bellatory.com/fragrances/how-to-tell-if-perfume-is-out-of-date
  • It begins to look strange (in colour or texture or begins to separate like a nail polish or foundation does).
  • You have recently had an eye complaint.

There are some variations in opinion, but this is a guide to make-up expiration dates:

  • 2-3 months: mascara, face peels, masks, nail file
  • 3 months: liquid or gel eyeliners
  • 6 months: eyeshadow (conservatively)
  • 6-12 months: cream blushes, pencil eyeliners (if you sharpen them), liquid foundations, serums, eye creams
  • 1-1.5 years: powder foundations and blush, lip gloss, cream eyeshadows, sunscreen
  • 2 years: lipstick, nail polish, lip pencils

Unless you wish to succumb to a beautiful spring sty or to pinkeye which will, without doubt, be aggravated by springtime allergies, eye products should be changed most regularly. If the product is water based, there is even more chance of it becoming host to some nasties.

Only keep the make-up brushes you need. Make up brushes should also be washed regularly to avoid possible infections and to let them perform at their best:

  • Dip the bristles in warm water
  • Place a small amount of shampoo in the palm of your hand and move the brush through it (you will see the make-up coming out); try not to get metal pieces wet or rust may develop.
  • Repeat until rinse water runs clear
  • Gently press with a towel and lay them on a flat surface for brushes to dry out

Concealer and foundation brushes hold more product and should be washed once a week; eye brushes once every two weeks; others once a month.

Keep nail things together, make-up together, hair things together and get rid of toiletry bags that are no longer needed.

This has encouraged me to curb my spending as I realised how little of the products I bought were actually used.  Now I bring out my deeply delicious Diva a little more often – even during the day for a coffee date – so that it does not die a little death alone in a dark cupboard. And the pop of fresh colour to my usually muted daily routine makes me feel just a little bit fabulous.