Simple Living with Clutter Box


What Is Clutter Box?

As a Clutter Consultant and Life Coach, I am able to support my clients in two ways: through the physical decluttering of objects, and through helping with psychological decluttering of thoughts, dreams and goals. Clutter Box is not just about decluttering and organising. It is about letting go of the things that hold us negatively to our past, in order to make way for the future we choose. It is making the choice to enjoy living simply. Guided by Kon Mari techniques and elements of Minimalism, focus is placed on the needs of each individual client.

Through creative planning, realistic timeframes and budgets can be created. Clutter Box focuses on reducing the amount of clutter in your space and re-organising what is left into manageable systems so that a clutter free, calm space can be maintained.

About Jane

Jane is a certified Life Coach, Clutter Consultant and mom to two busy boys. Managing their different schedules and needs meant developing habits and systems that help to maintain a simpler, clutter free, calm home space.

In realising how many people – friends an family included – struggled to find time to organise their homes and lives, Clutter Box was born. Jane and Clutter Box offer a supportive, personalised, decluttering service. Focus is always placed on your specific needs – whether preparing a nursery for a first born, selling a home or training new staff in the running of your home.

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