6 Quick Decluttering Fixes II

For the harried housewife, here are a few more quick stops that can be done in under 15 minutes each:

  1. Bedside table

Clear the top! Only keep things that should be visible and that you enjoy seeing. E.g. Clocks or a current novel. If there are a few items, try putting them all on a tray – it pulls the picture together neatly.

Stick a cable drop on the back of the unit to hold your cell phone cable/lamp cable neatly and within easy reach. Cable ties are handy if you have numerous cables here – you can find coloured, reusable ones now. They make cables easier to clean around too.

Empty out drawers and go through all those pesky things that mysteriously end up here. Return things to designated places; throw out rubbish. Be sure to wipe out the drawer too – dust gets in everywhere.

Use drawer dividers to compartmentalise what you decide to keep: hand cream and emery board; a diary and pen; little sentimental souvenirs from kids. I keep sentimental cards in a plastic envelope for protection – neatly stored but within easy reach when I need a little heart warmth. You could also pop a drawer liner or some coloured paper at the bottom of the drawer for a pop of colour.

Magazines – use the one in, one out principle if this is where magazines end up – if you add one, you must get rid of one. Decide how many you will keep before you start.

2. Kitchen Cleaning Equipment

This is really quick and easy as you are unlikely to find anything sentimental here. Take all products out and clean the shelves. Group same items together: bottles, cleaning brushes, cleaning swabs, dustbin bags, etc.

Ditch any empty bottles; decant messy products (like washing powder) into user-friendly containers; place grouped items in their own storage – plastic might be better here as it is durable, water resistant and easy to clean.

I have a cleaning caddy which keeps all cleaning equipment in one box – easy to carry around the house and bottles don’t get forgotten in different places.

3. Receipts

Gather all of these from their hiding places: your purse, handbag (or handbagS!), car, kitchen clutter drawer, desk. If keeping, sort, and store; if not, throw out.

4. Car

Do this just before getting your car washed. Things seem to accumulate rapidly with kids! Use this opportunity to clear out the cubby hole (glove compartment), door holders, centre consol, under seats, kid’s car seats and boot.

Keep a car caddy in your boot for items that silently creep in: water bottles, shoes, kids’ clothes, etc. You can then throw things in here as you find them at odd points in your day. Once a week, take it into the house and empty it. Keep emergency items such as sunblock (for the redheads!).

5. Nooks and crannies

We each have those tricky little spots that seem to act as a magnet for clutter! Ours is the small table at our entrance. List all of these spots in your home and quickly go through their clutter – they are often small spaces that hold an incredible amount of little things. Return items to their homes or throw out.

6. Jewellery

Use the same starting point as clothes – bring all jewellery into one pile. Look at what can be donated, what you can fix, what you can pass on to a friend.

With items, you choose to keep, find a useful space for them. Everyone is different – do you want everything visible, or only certain pieces, or everything stored out of sight? Regularly used items are within easy reach for me: necklaces are hung on beautiful hooks on my bathroom wall; earrings are stored on an earring stand on a bathroom shelf; bracelets and remaining items are stored using drawer dividers in a drawer.

Clearing all of these, plus the spots mentioned in ‘6 Quick Fixes’ https://clutterboxsa.co.za/2016/10/05/decluttering-6-quick-fixes/can be used to prepare you for bigger jobs like kitchen pantries, studies, and garages!